14-Minute Core Workout By Fé Fit

In less than half an hour, you can make progress in your core workout. Follow along with this video to experience the best kind of burn.      

What Plants are Alkaline?

You may have heard that no disease can exist in an alkaline environment, and while none of us here at Fé Fit are medical doctors, we do know there are definite benefits to eating alkaline foods. Alkaline-rich foods create more minerals and keep our pH at the optimal level our body needs to be in its […]

Alternative Therapies for Stress

In scientific terms, stress is defined as the nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it. Even when it feels like stress originates in the mind, the body is responding to it. More important than finding a definition for stress is understanding the effect it has on our bodies. Stress-producing factors, or […]

13 Minute Cardio Workout by Fé Fit

  Sure, you have 13 minutes in your day to get your heart rate going…and (bonus!) supercharge your bod with ENERGY! Make sure you follow us on our YouTube Channel for more energizing videos and inspiration!    

Five Tips to Make Your Week Easier

If you’re like me, weekdays are utter chaos. Especially with kiddos that are back in school. The week is almost a blur and then I spend half the weekend catching up. I feel like I’m always behind and never know how to catch up! After many years of running on fumes, I finally threw my […]

Yoga and a Dharma Wheel

Named for the Dharmachakra, which literally means “The Wheel of Law,” the Dharma wheel, when incorporated into yoga is designed to ease tensions and stretch back muscles in particular. Watch our friends at Primal Life Organics demonstrate the proper techniques to unleash stress using this reinvention of an ancient symbol that represents overcoming obstacles. Appropriate, […]

What Fé Fit is All About!

Moms and women are the core of the earth. They are the IRON females leading the charge in every area of life. That’s why we chose the “Fé” in Fé Fit. Fé, on the table of elements, represents iron. The second part obviously stands for being your best self, whatever that means to you…in terms of […]

Wellness is Not a To-Do List Item

The hands down most common objection to healthy living that I hear from moms is “I am too busy.” I don’t have time to prep meals. I don’t have time to workout. I am too tired to do anything once I do everything else I have to do. Can you relate to this? I’ll answer […]

The Lifelong Benefits of Exercising

Feel younger, live longer. It’s no slogan—these are actual benefits of regular exercise. People with high levels of physical fitness are at lower risk of dying from a variety of causes, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Physical Fitness: What the Benefits of Exercise Mean for You […]

Why You Need to Surround Yourself with Nice Peeps

I’m feeling fortunate today and wanted to share my gratitude with you, which is also why I selected the super happy pic of myself! You know how when you are moved and delighted, you just want to share it? That’s my current mood! Enough about me. How are you being treated in your life? Are […]

  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

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  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

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  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

    + s&h


I love these workouts! Squeezing in a 30 min workout fits into my busy schedule as a working mom of 3. I never get bored since there are so many workouts to choose from. I get my sweat on and move on with my day!
I love that throughout the whole entire workout she is saying so many encouraging words and making me feel ok about taking the time for myself.


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the array of workouts included in this package and have personally experienced incredible weight loss results. It's so awesome to have finally found a workout that I can do in 20 minutes and enjoy, all the while following an instructor who is easy to mimic and quick to challenge. I also love the calendar and stickers to help motivate and keep me on task! Best of all, it never gets boring! Great work Fe' Fit! I'm a true believer and a dedicated client for life!


Fé Fit workouts are probably the most challenging I’ve done, but totally worth the effort! I love the way I feel afterward - Accomplished and out of breath, but craving for more!


I appreciate that the workouts pack a lot into 30 minutes: strength work, cardio conditioning, balance, and flexibility. My abs are noticeably more tone after doing Fé Fit for just one month and my posture is better.



We are a premier health and fitness company for women, and our workouts were created by women, for women—to target our problem areas.
We wanted to make a program that was doable and manageable for busy women. And that had the most variety, so you don’t get bored and set yourself up for failure.
We’re not a giant faceless corporation. We’re a family-owned business with a team of amazing people helping us build a community of amazing women, who lean on and support each other.
As women, as mothers, as consumers—customer service is our top priority. If you have a question about anything, you’re going to get the attention you deserve. Because at the end of the day we want you to succeed.