Do Your Own Facelift Daily!

 Many thanks to Trina Felber, a skincare nurse and holistic organic product specialist for sharing these natural face-lifting tips! We’re stoked that we can improve elasticity while making funny faces. Why isn’t every exercise this easy? ◊♦◊ I just discovered my new favorite yoga moves!! These poses will not only improve your flexibility, but could […]

Melonie’s First Facebook Video is the Definition of Overcoming Fear

How many times have you felt fear? Well, I did, too, and I looked it right in the face, felt it and did it anyway. “It” in this case, is my first Facebook Live video. What is something you hope to conquer?

Five Detox Baths that Will Make You Fall Asleep Fast

Many thanks to Andrea Cox, Celeb Detoxer for her ahhhh-mazing soaking tips. We can feel ourselves relaxing already! Hi beautiful   It’s so easy to turn your bathroom into a lovely detoxification haven! Those of you who follow me know I reside in San Diego and spend my weekends in Mexico! Living bicoastal allows me to […]

How About Some Delicious Vegan Pancakes?

Many thanks to our guest blogger, Andrea Cox, The Healthy Haven Celeb Detoxer! Hi there beautiful:) I’m here in Mexico at the “man~pan~ions” house nursing an illness. I got a craving for pancakes and decided to raid his fridge! Below is what I came up with! As you can tell by the photo, they were delicious! […]

The Morning Routine that’s Changing My Life and Attitude

We’ve juggled a little bit of everything since our kids started back to school and as any parent can relate to, life took on a different vibration. I’m finding motivation in unexpected places and hope, after you take a listen, you will, too! 🙂   For more inspiration, check out our Facebook page!

Why You Should Exercise at Night

In my 20’s, I was all about heading out to the clubs on Friday nights. But instead of strapping on stilettos, I was lacing up my cross-trainers and hitting another kind of club—the health club. That’s right, I was one of those poor saps you see through the gym window, sweating through a workout while […]

A Modified Mindset (and Workout Routine) for Injured Go-getters

So, I broke my ankle. I wish it were a glamorous story. I mean, I was snowboarding after all (which, apparently can be dangerous in your 30’s). But it was an ungraceful injury—a slow motion fall while descending from a ski lift in Crested Butte when my board (and foot) got wedged in some slushy […]

Clean Plate, Clean House

A clean house is just as important as clean, whole food on your plate. Fall is here. Summer has come and gone. Kids are back in school, and everyone at home and at work is getting back into a routine. Do you crave the structure (and pumpkin spiced lattes!) that the beginning of fall brings […]

How To Beat Your Fitness Tracker

So you’ve just gotten that new latest and greatest fitness tracker and reaching 10,000 steps a day seems impossible! Maybe you are frantically pacing by your bed at the end of the day or running laps around the house at midnight trying to get in that last thousand steps (much to your partner or dog’s […]

Easy, Yummy, and Healthy Overnight Oatmeal

School and workdays are chaotic to say the least. Herding cats in a thunderstorm would be easier than getting two dogs, two kids, and two adults through our morning ritual. Regardless of what goes on at your house, one key to being healthy and staying healthy is being prepared and taking steps to make being […]

  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

    + s&h
  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

    + s&h
  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

    + s&h


I love these workouts! Squeezing in a 30 min workout fits into my busy schedule as a working mom of 3. I never get bored since there are so many workouts to choose from. I get my sweat on and move on with my day!
I love that throughout the whole entire workout she is saying so many encouraging words and making me feel ok about taking the time for myself.


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the array of workouts included in this package and have personally experienced incredible weight loss results. It's so awesome to have finally found a workout that I can do in 20 minutes and enjoy, all the while following an instructor who is easy to mimic and quick to challenge. I also love the calendar and stickers to help motivate and keep me on task! Best of all, it never gets boring! Great work Fe' Fit! I'm a true believer and a dedicated client for life!


Fé Fit workouts are probably the most challenging I’ve done, but totally worth the effort! I love the way I feel afterward - Accomplished and out of breath, but craving for more!


I appreciate that the workouts pack a lot into 30 minutes: strength work, cardio conditioning, balance, and flexibility. My abs are noticeably more tone after doing Fé Fit for just one month and my posture is better.



We are a premier health and fitness company for women, and our workouts were created by women, for women—to target our problem areas.
We wanted to make a program that was doable and manageable for busy women. And that had the most variety, so you don’t get bored and set yourself up for failure.
We’re not a giant faceless corporation. We’re a family-owned business with a team of amazing people helping us build a community of amazing women, who lean on and support each other.
As women, as mothers, as consumers—customer service is our top priority. If you have a question about anything, you’re going to get the attention you deserve. Because at the end of the day we want you to succeed.