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Get a Personalized Nutrition System to Help You Make a Complete Lifestyle Transformation! 


The Workout Program Transforming Thousands of Women's Lives!


So the stubborn fat around your gut, the backs of your arms and your butt can melt away. 

Did You Know?

80% of people who lose weight, regain it back in 2 years! 

Finally Stop The Yo-Yo Diets!

It’s not your fault.  

Your body has been taken hostage by bad bacteria, toxins, and inflammation that is simply setting you up for failure. It’s making you constantly hungry. It prevents you from sticking with a diet and makes it so the second you get off of some restricted calorie diet the fat comes back like a boomerang because you can’t control the cravings. 

Your body needs to detox. You need to know what works for you, for your body. Here’s a hint, something that’s labeled “fat free” or “low fat” or has artificial sugars is doing you more harm than good and preventing you from not only losing weight, but keeping the weight off for good. 

We need to remove all the pollutants from your system, get rid of the inflammation that has built up from years of junk food, diet drinks, and artificial sweeteners. Until we do that, your body won’t absorb and truly utilize the good nutrients you put in it. 

Once this happens, food will actually fuel your body. Give you energy. Jump start your metabolism, and you will see real results. 

So yes, Stop Counting Calories. Rid your hidden addiction to sugar. And set yourself up for success. You’ll drop serious weight and feel better in 21 days. By day 30—-you’ll understand how YOUR BODY reacts to certain foods as you start to test your body’s tolerance and inflammatory reactions to certain foods. But, you can’t do this until your gut flora has been reset. And you already know that starving yourself and weight loss pills are not the solution. 

So let us show you how to Make A LifeStyle Change. Reset Your gut Flora. And speed up your metabolism. 

You’ll get a customized nutrition system AND our Fé Fit Fitness Program designed specifically for women to help you get back into those skinny jeans. 

Just click the “YES” button and take your first step to a NEW YOU.

What we realized . . .

Everyone’s body is different. So why should your calories in/calories out approach be the exact same as the lady next to you? The truth is, and other diet programs won’t tell you, nutrition isn’t one-size fits all. 

The truth is your body needs a reset. Are you tired? Do you feel like your metabolism has slowed down? It’s harder and harder to keep the extra pounds off and stay disciplined eating pre-packaged frozen “healthy meals” and constantly counting calories. 

Here’s the good news——It’s NOT your age. It has NOTHING to do with you being a mom, your genetics, or what body struggles you have had in the past.

You may think your physical gut is the problem—-but, it’s actually something few people ever talk about. It’s something called your gut flora. We have to heal the inside, so we can see lifelong results on the outside. 

Here's the program we created for you!

*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, effort, and nutrition. Shannon is a mother of 1, and a Fé Fit Ambassador. 

A $1,000 Value!!

$199.97 $249.98


28 Workout Videos
7 Fitness Genres
5 Workout Calendars + NEW 21-day Calendar
Each Workout is 30 mins or less
Designed by Women, For Women


Finally!!! A way to burn fat and reduce inflammation. Our customized nutrition plan is designed specifically for you to lose weight right now, speed up fat loss, and reset your body so you can get sustainable results.

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 Your Customized Nutrition PLan

Finally!!! A way to burn fat and reduce inflammation. 

Our customized nutrition plan is designed specifically for you to lose weight right now, speed up fat loss, and reset your body so you can get sustainable results.

We get it. You can’t outwork a bad diet. We share a common goal with Naturally Fit of empowering people to make their lives healthier and giving you the tools to succeed. We’re excited to offer a program that allows you to eat real food and determine how food affects your body. Fitness isn’t one-size fits all--and neither is nutrition.  

Transform your life. Quit dieting and start living. No more yo-yo diets. Take control of your health and your life. Transform your physique and boost your metabolism. Take control of your health and your life and transform your physique and boost your metabolism. What comes with the Customized Nutrition System?  

Join Today and Get started on your customized nutrition system. *As a bonus and for your convenience, you will receive an electronic copy of your plan (after you fill out your brief personalized questionnaire).
It's a Lifestyle Change--Not another yo-yo Diet

It's Actually Very Simple!

*Learn the FOODS that burn fat fast
*Eat all of your favorite proteins – steak, burgers, chicken, and fish
*Reset your gut flora and help speed up your metabolism 
*Save money by NOT buying expensive diet meals and frozen foods
*DETOX your body and help yourself heal fast…
*STOP counting calories in, calories out. 
*Rid your hidden addiction to SUGAR.
Don’t Take Our Word. Take Theirs.
Lose inches and burn body fat. What makes Fé Fit work? You’re busy. We get it. And there isn't a gym class at 9:43 am. Get healthy on your schedule.

Here is what's different. It's a workout program designed FOR YOU---3x a week, 30 mins or less----Totally Doable, right?

Women all tell us the same thing. They don't have time. They get tired of doing the same thing over and over. And nothing speaks to them

They want to focus on: their core, their butt, and the back of their arms.

This program is JUST FOR YOU. 28 videos, from 7 different fitness styles. None of them take more than 30 mins. 

Time is valuable. We get that. You DON'T NEED TO SPEND an hour in the gym. You can get the same benefit in 30 mins or less if you do the right program. And your body will keep burning fat long after you're finished. 

This is the best workout DVD series for women that has helped thousands of women reach their fitness goals and be better versions of themselves. 

A lot of programs are effective. But, they aren't doable. So what good are they? This program is one you will enjoy--and actually do. And you'll get leaner, stronger, and be a healthier, happier, fitter you. 

Fé Fit has a doable workout schedule that fits into your life. Our workouts are designed so you get real results---in just 30 minutes. The variety keeps your muscles and mind guessing by constantly mixing up your routine with quick transitions that help speed up your metabolism by increasing lean muscle tissue.
What do you get with Fé Fit? 
28 Workouts on 8 DVDs from 7 fitness genres
to help you lose weight, tone up, and be the new you. 3x week, 30 minutes or less, totally doable right?
Total Body Toning
High-intensity strength training that hits every set of muscles.
total body toning 1
total body toning 2
total body toning 3
Isolated exercises that contract specific muscle groups for targeted toning.
barre 1
barre 2
barre 3
best of barre
Cardio Circuit
Fat-melting, vigorous interval cardio sessions that improve endurance.
cardio circuit 1
cardio circuit 2
cardio circuit 3
best of cardio circuit
Build strength from core while creating a flat and sexy stomach.
core 1
core 2
core 3
best of core
Lower Body
Targeted exercises for toned legs and a firm, round butt.
lower body 1
lower body 2
lower body 3
best of lower body
Upper Body
Arms, back, chest, shoulder workouts for a balanced shape and confindent posture.
upper body 1
upper body 2
upper body 3
best of upper body
Before you get started...we have separated out 13-minute videos from each of our 7 fitness genres to help prepare you for the full program (and for you to easily use when you just want a quick 13-minute workout!)
On Disc 8 to help you gain flexibility while gaining strength.
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Fé Fit Measuring Tape

The scale doesn’t tell the whole story! Use this lightweight, pink and white measuring tape to track your progress as you lose inches.

Access to private, women's-only Facebookgroup with access to trainers and nutritionists

Gain access to our empowering Facebook community where you can share your experiences and learn from other like-minded women! Get access to trainers and nutritionists to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
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