Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience

Can I try out a Fé Fit video before purchasing the DVDs?

Yes! You can try out our free samples on the Fé Fit YouTube channel, where we have posted excerpts from a few of the videos that are part of the Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience.

I am not a mom. Is Fé Fit right for me?

Yes! We have both moms and non-moms doing our program so it isn’t exclusive to moms by any means. (We even have men doing our program and they are finding great results!) Fé Fit workouts are full-body workouts, but they target common problem areas for women (core, butt, backs of arms) that, as we like to say, become “accentuated” when you become a mom.

Is Fé Fit only for new moms?

No. Our workouts were actually designed for busy women/moms, but moms with kids of all ages, not just young kids. Fé Fit workouts are full-body workouts, but they target common problem areas for women (core, butt, backs of arms). Women (with children of all ages) are currently doing our program and experiencing great results.

Can you provide more description about the “Run/Walk/Relax” days suggested in the Fé Fit calendars?

On the Run/Walk/Relax days, just choose one of these options depending on how you feel and what your body is telling you. We like to encourage some form of "being active" each day, so it doesn’t have to be limited to these options. If you've had a tough workout the day before and your body is sore, it might be an appropriate day to relax. Definitely listen to your body, but aim to take a quick walk at minimum to keep you moving when you can as long as it feels comfortable. We suggest targeting at least 30 minutes a day for all of these activities (working out, active relaxation, and run/walk/relax days). The point is to take some "me time" each day and try to get moving in some form or fashion.

Can you provide more description about the “active relaxation” days suggested in the Fé Fit calendar?

We like to encourage at least one “active relaxation” day a week in addition to the Fé Fit weekly workouts. On these days, we encourage you to get your body moving by choosing an activity that is fun for you. Examples of activities include walking, Yoga, hiking, playing a sport, dancing, swimming, riding a bike, and stretching. It can be as simple as taking the dogs for a walk or playing outside with your kids. (Our personal favorite is dancing because you can actually break a sweat pretty easily and we find it fun!) The point is to get your body moving and stimulated by doing something you enjoy or find relaxing. If you break a sweat and challenge your range of motion, even better!

How long will it take me to get results?

Every person is unique! Results will differ based on a number of factors, including but not limited, to: frequency, duration, intensity of exercise, nutrition plan, sleep, stress, and metabolism. In order to achieve healthy weight loss, a loss of 1-2 pounds per week is generally recommended (see American Academy of Family Physicians). BUT remember it is not the number on the scale that really matters.  It is knowing that you are making strides in your health and fitness.  Take pictures every week to track your progress! We would love to celebrate your success with you! Share your photos with us at info@fefit.com!

After purchasing a Fé Fit product, is there a place where I can ask questions?

Absolutely! We believe being part of a community is an integral part of your success.  After your purchase, you will gain private access to our women’s only Facebook group where you can interact with other members of the Fé Fit community.  Also feel free to send any questions or comments to info@fefit.com.  

Do you provide modifications for those with injuries to the Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience?

We are unable to individualize the Fé Fit experience for everyone due to the vast amount of injuries people may have. However, our instructor does provide modifications during the workouts.  Please consult with a doctor, physical therapist, trainer or other expert if you have an injury to aid you in making the necessary modifications.

Where can I find the different Fé Fit workout schedules?

The 5 different workout calendars are included inside your Fé Fit User Guide. Apologies, but we do not have the calendars available in electronic form.

Do you have a downloadable copy of the User Guide?

We only have hard copies of the User Guide. If you have lost your User Guide, please email us at info@fefit.com to request a new one.

Is it okay to do other workouts along with the Fé Fit program?

Yes! It is good to have variety in your workout routine. You can also use the Fé Fit Essentials if you have additional time and want to add on a quick workout. Just remember to make time for active relaxation days as well!

How are the workouts formatted?

All of our 28 workout videos are 30 minutes or less and designed to build long-lean muscle. Except for the stretch flow videos, each of our videos include both a short warm up and a cool down. Our workout program also includes 7 Fé Fit Essential videos, which are primer videos for each of the different genres ranging from approximately 12-15 minutes.

Can I complete the Fé Fit 90 Day Fitness Experience if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, our workout program was not designed for pregnant women.  If you recently had a baby, make sure you have been cleared by a physician before you attempt any workout videos(including Fé Fit).

Do you offer a payment plan?

Our Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience can be purchased for 3 easy payments of $39.99 plus $14.99 shipping with your first payment. You will be billed 30 days apart until the balance is paid off.

My DVDs aren't working properly. What do I do?

First, make sure your disc is not dirty or smudged.  Clean it gently beginning at the center and working your way to the edge using a soft cloth. Second, try playing the disc in another device to ensure that it is the disc and not your device that is not working properly.  If you’ve tried these first two options and it still will not work, please contact us at info@fefit.com with your name, address, and order number.  We will be happy to send you a replacement disc!

Fé Fit/Naturally Fit Customized Nutrition Plan

How is the Fé Fit Customized Nutrition Plan customized for me?

Once you complete a brief questionnaire, we will send you an electronic version of your Customized Nutrition Plan.  Based on your questionnaire, you will receive a custom point system. This point breakdown is how you will quantify the foods you eat throughout your day to help you reach your nutrition goals.

Will I receive my Fé Fit Customized Nutrition Plan in the mail?

No. For your convenience, we will email you an electronic copy of your plan (made available electronically for use after you fill out your brief questionnaire).

How can I get more information about the Customized Nutrition System?

If you'd like more specific information about the Fé Fit Customized Nutrition System, we have a Quick Start Guide that we can send you that will give additional details about the System. Email nutrition@fefit.com in order to get your free Quick Start Guide!

Return Policy

What is your return policy?

Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience

You may return the Fé Fit 90-day Fitness Experience for a full refund within the first 60 days of purchase (less shipping and handling costs).

Fé Fit/Naturally Fit Nutrition System

The Fé Fit/Naturally Fit Nutrition System is a customizable system that is created based on a nutrition questionnaire that we send to you after purchasing the system. You may return the Nutrition System at any time before you complete the nutrition questionnaire. Once you complete the questionnaire, the Nutrition System is non-refundable.

Other Items

For all other items, or if you wish to return the 90-day Fitness Experience after the first 60 days following your purchase, you may return unopened items for a full refund (less shipping and handling costs). This means your item must be in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Shipping and handling fees total $30 for the Fé Fit Ultimate Experience and $15 for all other items.

To complete your return, please send your purchased items back to Fé Fit at the address below, along with a receipt or proof of purchase.

  • One Easy Payment of $35.97!

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I love these workouts! Squeezing in a 30 min workout fits into my busy schedule as a working mom of 3. I never get bored since there are so many workouts to choose from. I get my sweat on and move on with my day!
I love that throughout the whole entire workout she is saying so many encouraging words and making me feel ok about taking the time for myself.


I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the array of workouts included in this package and have personally experienced incredible weight loss results. It's so awesome to have finally found a workout that I can do in 20 minutes and enjoy, all the while following an instructor who is easy to mimic and quick to challenge. I also love the calendar and stickers to help motivate and keep me on task! Best of all, it never gets boring! Great work Fe' Fit! I'm a true believer and a dedicated client for life!


Fé Fit workouts are probably the most challenging I’ve done, but totally worth the effort! I love the way I feel afterward - Accomplished and out of breath, but craving for more!


I appreciate that the workouts pack a lot into 30 minutes: strength work, cardio conditioning, balance, and flexibility. My abs are noticeably more tone after doing Fé Fit for just one month and my posture is better.



We are a premier health and fitness company for women, and our workouts were created by women, for women—to target our problem areas.
We wanted to make a program that was doable and manageable for busy women. And that had the most variety, so you don’t get bored and set yourself up for failure.
We’re not a giant faceless corporation. We’re a family-owned business with a team of amazing people helping us build a community of amazing women, who lean on and support each other.
As women, as mothers, as consumers—customer service is our top priority. If you have a question about anything, you’re going to get the attention you deserve. Because at the end of the day we want you to succeed.