Ultimate Kit
BE STRONG. FEEl Sexy. Get Results. 

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Lose inches and burn body fat. What makes Fé Fit work? You’re busy. We get it. And there isn't a gym class at 9:43 am. Get healthy on your schedule.
Fé Fit has a doable workout schedule that fits into your life. Our workouts are designed so you get real results---in just 30 minutes. The variety keeps your muscles and mind guessing by constantly mixing up your routine with quick transitions that help speed up your metabolism by increasing lean muscle tissue.
What do you get with Fé Fit? 
28 Workouts on 8 DVDs from 7 fitness genres
to help you lose weight, tone up, and be the new you. 3x week, 30 minutes or less, totally doable right?
Total Body Toning
High-intensity strength training that hits every set of muscles.
total body toning 1
total body toning 2
total body toning 3
Isolated exercises that contract specific muscle groups for targeted toning.
barre 1
barre 2
barre 3
best of barre
Cardio Circuit
Fat-melting, vigorous interval cardio sessions that improve endurance.
cardio circuit 1
cardio circuit 2
cardio circuit 3
best of cardio circuit
Build strength from core while creating a flat and sexy stomach.
core 1
core 2
core 3
best of core
Lower Body
Targeted exercises for toned legs and a firm, round butt.
lower body 1
lower body 2
lower body 3
best of lower body
Upper Body
Arms, back, chest, shoulder workouts for a balanced shape and confindent posture.
upper body 1
upper body 2
upper body 3
best of upper body
Before you get started...we have separated out 13-minute videos from each of our 7 fitness genres to help prepare you for the full program (and for you to easily use when you just want a quick 13-minute workout!)
On Disc 8 to help you gain flexibility while gaining strength.
Your Ultimate Kit Also Includes:

Fé Fit Customized Nutrition System (Powered by Naturally Fit)

Fé Fit Pilates Toning Circle

24 Fé Fuel Protein & Energy Bars

3 Fé Fit Pro-Grade Resistance Bands (light, medium, and heavy)

Fé Fit Pink Yoga Mat

Set of 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. Hand Weights

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Fé Fit Measuring Tape

The scale doesn’t tell the whole story! Use this lightweight, pink and white measuring tape to track your progress as you lose inches.

Access to private, women's-only Facebookgroup with access to trainers and nutritionists

Gain access to our empowering Facebook community where you can share your experiences and learn from other like-minded women! Get access to trainers and nutritionists to help you reach your health and fitness goals.
Just one easy payment of $397.97 (+s&h)!
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