Are You Empowering Doubt? Melonie's on Huffington Again!

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06 Oct , 2019


The feeling of seeing your words on Huffington never gets old. And we love nothing more than sharing the message of empowerment!

Have you read Melonie's latest yet? Here's a sneak peek and the link to get to the entire article. Have an empowering day! *****
I used to run away when life got tough, which only confirmed and empowered my own doubt of myself and all I could accomplish.
For a big part of my life, I looked at things all wrong. I fled tasks I had unilaterally decided I wasn’t good at—even before I tried them. I framed my own mind and limitations when I told myself I couldn’t achieve goals—from sports to certain academic subjects to being a leader.
I decided for myself I was bound for mediocrity, that I would have to work extra hard to obtain anything, and that I wasn’t naturally smart or naturally talented at anything.
And I was bitter about it.
It seemed like I was always working harder than my peers and I couldn’t understand people who skipped classes but made better grades than I did, or who seemed to attain victories effortlessly that I really struggled with.
So, I went down a path I thought I was supposed to follow. Read the full article here.

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