Clean Plate, Clean House

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06 Oct , 2019
clean+plate+clean+house+Final+copy_zpsvqexxry2A clean house is just as important as clean, whole food on your plate. Fall is here. Summer has come and gone. Kids are back in school, and everyone at home and at work is getting back into a routine. Do you crave the structure (and pumpkin spiced lattes!) that the beginning of fall brings with it? On the other hand, do the many opportunities for guests to stop by your house give you anxiety? Between football watch parties, spooky Halloween visitors, and the barrage of family and friends at Thanksgiving, people are constantly in and out of your home. This weekly cleaning schedule will help you stay prepared for these expected and unexpected visitors! Checklists are wonderful, wonderful things. You could easily spend hours searching on the time vacuum otherwise known as Pinterest and find thousands of beautifully designed cleaning schedules, but who really has time for that??? This particular schedule divides each day into morning and evening. It takes about 15-20 minutes before work and 30-45 minutes in the evenings to get the chores accomplished. (This time could be easily cut down if you include your children or spouses.) This is very doable! Especially if it means you’re not running around throwing shoes, mail, and soccer balls into the laundry hamper or anything else with a lid before your mother arrives. However, what makes this list a fan-favorite is the check boxes. Many of the other options found online are just lists. It seems silly, but the satisfaction that you get from being able to check the box keeps me you back day after day. It is kind of like crack for the OCD. And really who doesn’t like to the end the day with a sense of accomplishment?! For the font snobs out there, this clean-lined font does not present an unnecessary distraction as it hangs on the refrigerator or gets tacked to the bulletin board above your desk. You can print a new schedule out every Sunday evening and be ready to go for the week! However, if you want to get really fancy or environmentally friendly, you can take your schedule to your local teacher supply or office supply store and have them laminate it for you. Finally, this schedule also allows you to have Sundays off from cleaning so you can focus on food preparation for the week, which will help free up your evenings and keep you on track. Everyone needs a day to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. A day to spend with your families and not worry about the house. A day to cook some fun new foods for the week! Plus, if you’ve kept up with the schedule all week by Sunday you are home free. At first glance this schedule may seem overwhelming, but just like with working out, once you get into the habit of doing these chores throughout the day it will become a routine! You actually may already be doing some of these things--now you have a place to track your accomplishment! Hopefully, this schedule will get you off to a great start!

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