Do Your Own Facelift Daily!

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06 Oct , 2019

Many thanks to Trina Felber, a skincare nurse and holistic organic product specialist for sharing these natural face-lifting tips!

We're stoked that we can improve elasticity while making funny faces. Why isn't every exercise this easy?


I just discovered my new favorite yoga moves!! These poses will not only improve your flexibility, but could assist you in performing your own mini-facelift. No surgery required. If you try it midday, it will also wake you up!

Want more BANG!  Add a true anti-aging moisturizer and you will really see results.


By TRUE, I mean something without WATER!  Most moisturizers are close to 70 percent water. Water does not hydrate your skin. In fact, it does not get absorbed at all. Instead, it evaporates and as it does, it takes with it some of your own protective natural oils.  This further dehydrates your skin. Let me give you a visual. Would you rather have skin like a plum or a prune? I’m sure your answer is plum- it’s full, round and full of “juice!”  It’s healthy!  A prune (while I love to eat them) is really a dehydrated plum. When you use a moisturizer that contains water and it pulls the moisture from your skin, you end up dehydrated. Dehydrated skin looks saggy, sallow and wrinkled (like the prune). Along with doing the “anti-aging face lift” yoga poses, using an oil-based, water free skincare formula will benefit your cells, improve your tone, texture, color and give you that natural ‘”lift” you crave almost instantly!  It adds the juice to your facial tissue just like the plum!


Because your skin loves oil.  In fact, in order to cross through your skin cells, it must be lipophilic—or fat-loving (oil).  The best skincare is a blend of oils, essential oils, herbs and foods. I created my skincare line to feed and nourish skin the way it wants to be fed.  You see immediate results because it provides the cells with proper nutrition. Healthy cells are plump and full. My favorite anti-aging TIP: The fastest way to “anti-age” is to put oil on your skin. Avoid products with water. For more information, read Water In Your Skincare: Trust Or Trash. My favorite products for a natural facelift?  C-ex Vitamin C Face Serum, Beyond Serum and Beyond Moisturizer.  Devine, delicious and truly anti-aging!  Adding a true moisturizer will make these yoga poses much more effective!  Have fun… and join me on Facebook every Wednesday at 12 noon EST for our 15 minute Work In Yoga Session! Enjoy Fumiko Takatsu and her NonSurgical Face Lift Yoga Moves! __ Original article appeared at Primal Life Organics. Reprinted with permission. Video credit: YouTube/Face Yoga Method

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