Fé Fit Helps Curb Childhood Obesity by Focusing on Teachers

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06 Oct , 2019
3Y0A7070_small In an effort to curb childhood obesity, traditional notions suggest focusing all efforts on getting our kids to be active. But, we know that our children model our behavior. And that their teachers are role models and arguably spend more time with our kids in a day than we do. Our kids are smarter than we give them credit for. The irony isn't lost on our youth when high school football coaches wielding beer bellies demand daily workouts or for students to just push harder. If it's so important to be healthy and move, why is it only the kids this commandment is falling on? So we flipped it. Fé Fit partnered with a local school to help capitalize the "Let's" in the Let's Move campaign. And we helped teachers walk the walk when discussing health and fitness. The results were astonishing and inspiring. It wasn't about losing weight or inches in the waist--but that did happen. It was about creating healthy habits and healthy role models. We can't continuously ask our teachers and parents to lead by example if we don't give them the tools, resources, and permission to put themselves first. That's why we created the America's Fittest Staff Challenge to empower teachers to get fit and stay healthy. Because if they make time for themselves, they will be better teachers, better spouses, better parents, and better versions of themselves. In fact, Fé Fit's new America's Fittest Staff Challenge was recently featured in the Denver Post. Read the entire Denver Post article about the America's Fittest Staff Challenge here. Please direct any questions about the America's Fittest Staff Challenge and whether it's right for your school or staff to

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