Five Detox Baths that Will Make You Fall Asleep Fast

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06 Oct , 2019


Many thanks to Andrea Cox, Celeb Detoxer for her ahhhh-mazing soaking tips. We can feel ourselves relaxing already!

Hi beautiful :) 

It's so easy to turn your bathroom into a lovely detoxification haven! Those of you who follow me know I reside in San Diego and spend my weekends in Mexico! Living bicoastal allows me to take advantage of the beautiful ocean and all it has to offer! On this particular night, my "man~pan~ion" decided to harvest fresh seaweed and draw me a detoxifying salt bath with my "Sexy and Raw hair skin and nails Formula {Pure clay}! The finest clay on earth and I am the only source (YAY)!  The following are my top five favorite detox baths! Try them in your "Healthy Haven"! 

1) The Essential Oils Detox Bath ~ I LOVE putting essential oils in, but never with clay as they tend to drown out each other's healing properties! 

Ingredients 1/2 C of baking soda

10 drops of Essential oil~oils I suggest are:

  • Lavender~calms!¬†
  • Peppermint~when you need energy!¬†
  • Ylang Ylang~My go to sexy scent!¬†
  • Eucalyptus¬†~clears air pathways!¬†
  • Cedarwood~depression!¬†
Instructions: add ingredients while drawing your hot bath. Soak for 20 minutes, once weekly. This combo is EXCELLENT to draw out toxins and lowers stress-related hormones! If you are interested in getting started in essential oils click here to email me! ◊♦◊

2) The Apple Cider Vinegar Bath ~ This is my personal fav! Simply add 1C of raw apple cider vinegar to your bath! Please note that whenever you add vinegar to your bath you will sleep like a newborn baby! 


3) The Baking Soda Epsom Salt Bath


1C Epsom salts

1C baking soda {aluminum free}

This bath SOOTHES sore muscles and is also GREAT after a stressful day as the salts will relax you!


4) The Ginger Bath ~My go-to daily bath!


3 Heaping Tb of powdered organic ginger

This bath is excellent to help induce sweating! Makes for a FABULOUS skin remedy for dry and cracked skin and a good detox bath!


5) The Sea Vegetable Bath {Good for those who live on or near the ocean like I do} 

Like I said above, my "man~pan~ion" rinsed mine for me and we were careful to not harm the fish life of the ocean by ensuring none of them came into the bath!


1 small bucket (about 6 Cups) of seaweed


REMINDER~NEVER MIX ESSENTIAL OILS WITH CLAYS OR EPSOM SALTS! The two will negate each other's healing properties!

Here's to better health!

__ Original post appeared at The Healthy Haven. Reprinted with permission.


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