How Did That Snickers Bar Get in My Mouth?

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06 Oct , 2019
By Fé Fit Contributor Corinne Oh
Have you ever been driving and found yourself on autopilot? You were supposed to turn left to go to the dentist, but instead you made a right turn and were headed to work the way you go everyday. You wonder for a minute, “how did I get here?” When this happens, your strong and reliable subconscious keeps things moving along. This is how you can be lost in thought yet not manage to drive off the road. Things that we do repeatedly, like driving to work or brushing your teeth, get stamped into our sub conscience minds and we can do them over and over without much thought. Which brings me to my title question, “how did that Snickers bar get in my mouth?” Once you establish a habit, healthy or unhealthy, and your brain stores it in the subconscious you will just do it, no thought needed. You will go to the gym for your favorite spin class at 6:30 every Monday, or you will find yourself at the drive through picking up dinner, or you will find yourself finishing off that mysterious Snickers bar. Every November for the past couple years has been “No Sugar November” for me. (Follow the #nosugarnovember hashtag and @fefit on IG). I simply cut out added sugar and all sweeteners until Thanksgiving day when I heartily eat all my traditional favorites to my heart’s content. Until this year, it’s been pretty easy. I decide it, do it, end of story. For some reason this year has been slightly different. The first week was all about noticing how much sugar and sweeteners had unconsciously slipped back into my daily intake. Oh, whoops, already put a bit of honey in my coffee, oh well. Shoot, had a bite of kid's ice cream without thinking. That chocolate stash at work that I go to every day after lunch, Oops. The second week was about sheer will power. Me vs the “bad food” and I had won! I felt back on track, strong and in control. Then I snapped! Holy cow. I didn’t just fall off the wagon, I freaking held the driver at gunpoint and hijacked the entire wagon. We were gonna go a different direction like it or not! It was like someone else was in control. Someone who didn't care about my decisions, my goals or my body. I dug into my kids' trick or treat candy, I ate ritz crackers, ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and pizza. I fell into the mentality of "I already messed up so I might as well just keep going". This mentality makes as much sense as "I have a flat tire so I might as well slash the other 3". Have you been there? It's a crazy, out of control feeling. What is going on? How can we pull out of this spiral? I decided to stop for a second and consider what might be going on mentally, emotionally. Without going into too much detailed drama, this month has been a very stressful one for me. I had to make some really emotionally difficult decisions this month and I didn't realize how out of control I felt emotionally. Trying to control my eating simply exposed my inner vulnerability. I decided to add back in a few safety valves and take on "No Sugar November" in a different way. Basically I would keep the chocolate stash at work still accessible when "needed" and put a little honey in my coffee. That's all it took. Weird right? As long as I knew that I could have some sugar when I wanted it, I was able to get everything else back on track. I got excited about cutting up veggies again and grilling chicken and making beautiful salads. I say all this to say we need to think about WHAT we eat and also consider WHY we eat. This is conscious eating. Use your mind: what do you feel when you eat that food? how do feel after eating it? what does this food give to me emotionally and nutritionally? Go all Janet Jackson on it and ask "What Have You Done for Me Lately?" Then make a decision about eating it. Use your senses: look at the food, smell the food, slowly taste the food, appreciate the food. When you make eating a sensual, thoughtful event you are much more likely to be left with good feelings about food, yourself and your body. And THAT is a good thing. Want to find out more about conscious eating? My favorite sources are and

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