It's Not Too Late: 6 Tips to Create Healthy Habits for 2015

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06 Oct , 2019


92% of New Year’s Resolutions will fail! So here are 6 tips to help you create healthy habits that will stick. Like it or not, our kids are watching.

Did you make a health or fitness resolution/goal/or wish this 2015? These goals shouldn’t be about a yo-yo diet or 21-days until you can start binge eating again. The truth is, success will be yours if you commit to making a lifestyle change and showing your kids (and family members) what a healthy lifestyle looks like. It’s funny, when you start to change your lifestyle choices, you’ll notice the people around you will also change. Talk about paying it forward. Mark it off the calendar--good deed done for 2015. Moral Virtue Comes About as a Result of Habit---so does health! In life you may practice being kind. We practice to the point that being kind doesn’t require choice; it’s just a consistent pattern of our behavior. To make something habitual requires attention. You want it to be automatic. Instinctive. When we decided we wanted to create a startup, we were constantly advised “You have to be "all in" to make it work. You need to be fully committed.” Otherwise, it’s just a pastime. Just a hobby. Just something you do when you have time. If you want to make a true lifestyle change, make it a priority, not something you get to when it’s convenient.

6 Tips To Beat The 92% (In No Order of Importance)

1. Sleep.

Without sleep, everything else goes out the window. It’s a vicious circle. Whether you listen to the American Journal of Medicine, or the trainer of those beefcakes in the uber-barbaric movie 300, you won’t work out hard, build muscle, and burn fat if you don’t sleep. If you don’t work out hard you won’t fuel your body with the food your body needs. And, of course, if you’re not eating and working out right, your chances of sleeping go out the window. Start tracking your sleep, or lack thereof.

2. Be honest with yourself.

Is fitness a priority? If so, then make it a priority. Schedule your appointment to be active. Create a penalty for not doing it. You just need 30 minutes. You just need to make sure you sweat. Every day. Stop wondering when you are going to get your workout in. This is even more important when the chaos of life ensues and the craziness of being a parent, etc. takes full force. When you fall off and skip a workout (we all do), having your next exercise pre-scheduled doesn’t require motivation. You just show up.

3. Be a better version of yourself.

Your goal isn’t to win a crossfit competition (or maybe it is), but your real goal is to never miss a workout. To make healthy choices become habits and part of your lifestyle you need to be consistent. There is no one-size-fits all for health and fitness. Figure out what you like to do, or mix it up. But, become the person who exercises. More than you did in 2014. The older version of yourself will thank you.

4. Give yourself an incentive.

A Reward? A new TV series. A Massage. A healthy smoothie or Nekter? Soon your brain will recognize the workout as the reward. But, you have to train your mind to associate sweat or movement with positive outcomes. So set goals and then reward yourself. What is your goal for the week? After two weeks? Set big hairy goals. The bigger, the more you’ll work for it.

5. Find your village.

We all need support. Enlist an exercise buddy, participate in an online forum. Join a fitness challenge. Partners will keep you accountable, pick you up when you’re not up for being the best version of yourself. Make sure you develop a routine of rooting each other on, checking in, and reminding each other about the goals and rewards.

6. Write it down.

Habits aren’t created overnight. But, if you want something to become habitual, research indicates that you are likely to lose twice the weight if you just write down what you eat. It’s that simple. Write down when you exercise. Write down what you eat. Here’s to a healthy and happy 2015!

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