The Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Juicing Daily

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06 Oct , 2019
toptenjuicingedit Good morning beautiful! If you have been a friend of mine on social media or if you read this newsletter for a while now, chances are you know I'm the QUEEN of juice! That being said, I got a disturbing email the other day from a woman who says she cannot stand to juice! She actually said it takes too long to clean up after she's finished! I'm not sure what juicer she's using but mine takes 3-4 minutes max! She ended her email with the following question... "Andrea, what's the benefit of juicing anyway"? As if there is only one benefit! Smug! Alright alright, I know, we all have to start somewhere! Her email did, however, make me feel as though I've not been CRYSTAL clear about my juicing views! This email is for her and for you too! :)

My Top ten reasons we all need to juice!

  1) Hydration! Juicing is a good source of liquids and we need plenty of liquids in order to stay properly hydrated! 2) Toss out your vitamins! When we begin to juice suddenly we realize what a game changer it is! It's a blood transfusion of vitamins and minerals! We can literally toss the junk in the plastic bottles! 3) Antioxidants & Phytochemicals! Minerals and superhero powers,¬†anyone? When you juice fruits and vegetables, you get specific vitamins and minerals in a natural, easily absorbable form! Most of these simply cannot be extracted and absorbed when eaten! Plant-based Protein! Think protein can't be found in fruits and vegetables? Think again! Not only will you be getting all the protein you need from plants, you'll be able to absorb it much better! 5) Absorption! When you drink juice, the nutrients get into your bloodstream in about 15 minutes! That's quick! Think "blood transfusion of nutrients" to feed you on a cellular level! 6) Less Digestive Work! Your body will thank you for giving it a rest! Less energy on digesting means more energy for healing! 7) Curve your sweet tooth! Juicing allows you to curve your cravings by giving you the opportunity to nourish your cells! Choose foods like green apples, carrots, beets, or even oranges to sweeten your juice! Pretty soon, you'll be off of the sugar train and onto the juicing train! 8) Get the GLOW! Juicing truly is the #1 way to have great skin! Gone are the days of spending money on expensive creams that are FULL of aging chemicals! With juicing, you can turn back the clock without all of the pore-clogging, greasy, packaged products the cosmetic industry peddles and lies about! 9) Disease Prevention! Juicing is one of many secrets Big Pharma doesn't want you to learn! They know that as soon as you begin your juicing journey, they'll be out of business! Just look at the major natural healing institutes around the world! The number one protocol they all have in common is a regimen of juicing daily! 10) Got Enzymes! There is no better way to up your enzyme intake than by juicing! Fruit and vegetable juices provide a plethora of enzymes! Enzymes spark the essential chemical reactions we need to live! They're necessary for digesting food, clearing brain fog and for providing energy on a cellular level! Not to mention the effect enzymes have for repairing vital tissues in the body! Alright, the message is clear! Get to juicing! Your mind, body and cells will thank you! __ Original article appeared at The Healthy Haven. Reprinted with permission.

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