What Cleanse Is Best For Your Body Type?

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06 Oct , 2019

This is an oldie but a goodie, that we happened to stumble across on Elephant Journal's website. We are all different and we must figure out what works for us in terms of regimen, fitness and diet. Please read on and remember, be careful when you detox!


Cleanses are so hot these days.

They’re like a bikram yoga class in the summer.

But just like not every yoga class is for every body, not every cleanse is going to benefit every body in the most optimal way. So, before diving into the vast juicer-kale-mung bean laden world of cleansing, take a moment and use this guide below. We’re aiming to get the Ojas-full feelings of detoxification & rejuvenation just right and skip the fatigue-and-depression of depletion cleansing. I realize this post might be a little controversial and so I want to start off with the old adage of Ayurveda (the medicine of the Vedas): “Nothing is good. Nothing is bad.” Everything in this world has a way of acting as a medicine and a poison; it all depends on who it’s for and how it’s used. So, keeping that in mind, one could say that all methods of cleansing could potentially be good just so long as they’re used by the right person and for the appropriate length of time. For clarity, I’m going to go through some of the most common types of cleansing below—but first the basic constitutional types so that you have a frame of reference for the doshas. Imbalances of the Vata-type Cleanser: very low weight or potentially underweight, weight accumulates around waist/belly, anxiety, worry, feels easily overwhelmed, insomnia (waking in the night), lack of direction, dry skin, constipation (lack of daily bowel movement or small pebble-like poops), abdominal distention, bloating, gas, dislike of wind, often cold, PMS: cramps bloating fatigue, lack of menses. And, if you’ve had an eating disorder in the past, look no further. Read the full article here.


Original article appeared at Elephant Journal. Reprinted with permission.

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